Brem Madiun Suling Mas (5 sticks)


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Brem Madium Suling Mas

Produk Asli Indonesia. Indonesian made and product.

What is Brem?
According to Wikipedia: Brem
 is traditional fermented food or fermented beverage from Indonesia. There are two types of brem, brem cake (solid) that is usually eaten as snack from Madiun and Wonogiri,[1] and brem beverage (liquid) made of rice wine from Bali and Nusa Tenggara, but mostly known from Bali. Brem first appeared in Java around the year 1000, based on investigations regarding old Javanese inscriptions and literature.[2]

This kind of brem is believed by Indonesian consumers to be important for stimulating the circulatory system. It is also reported to prevent dermatitis, most likely due to the presence of significant amounts of B vitamins produced by the microorganisms used in its fermentation.[citation needed] This product is consumed as a snack.

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5 Pastel (small sauce included), Sauce Only – Round Container (Small), Extra Sauce Square Container 650 ml (Large)

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