Martabak Telur (Savoury Pancakes) by Rosebery Martabak


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Martabak Telur Beef / Corned Beef (Savoury Pancakes) by Rosebery Martabak

Martabak Telur is one of Indonesian’s famous traditional egg-filled pancake with onion, shallots, and your choice of meat.

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*Extra Meat Add $3

*Extra Egg Add $2

*Extra Onion & Shallots Add $2

*Extra Acar Add $2

*Extra Sauce Add $1

*Extra Cuko Pempek $2

Martabak Telur

Beef, Corned Beef, Chicken


None, Meat, Egg, Onion & Shallots, Acar, Sauce, Cuko Pempek


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