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I (Pasar Makan Customer), agree that my personal data will be used to support my experience throughout this website, to manage access to my account, for receiving marketing information and for other purposes only at Pasar Makan. I allow access for my data for restaurant delivery purposes.

I have entered the right details, address and mobile phone number and I understand that Pasar Makan is not liable for the incorrect delivery address. Pasar Makan will only send to the address as Customer provided.

I understand that All Sales and Payments are Final. 

I will notify Pasar Makan if I need to cancel my order before I make a new one, by emailing Pasar Makan at pasarmakan.au@gmail.com (put the subject “Cancel Order#” ) ,or text on 0492 072 689 (whatsapp text only, NO call). 

I understand that Pasar Makan will not deliver my order(s) if payment is not received and cleared. The order will be placed after Pasar Makan received the payment into the bank account AND customer has sent a screenshot of the receipt confirmation to Pasar Makan email to ensure delivery in due time. I will notify Pasar Makan as soon as possible if I need to cancel my order.

I understand that My IP address will be held and reported if I put misleading information and made false orders. 

MEMBERSHIP: currently FREE to join or register as Member in Pasar Makan Account.

CUTTING OFF PERIOD: Pasar Makan Customer understand that order may not be processed if the order is received after the cutting off period or when the order is full. It may be processed by Pasar Makan on the next available delivery.

FULL ORDER CAPACITY: Pasar Makan is not liable if the Vendor advised Pasar Makan that the order has reached full capacity and therefore order may not be processed on that day, instead Pasar Makan will deliver it to Customer on the next available delivery.

PAYMENT: Order will ONLY be placed after Pasar Makan have received the payment into Pasar Makan Bank account. Or when Pasar Makan received the “screenshot” of Customer’s payment either by whatsapp message or by email to pasarmakan.au@gmail.com Pasar Makan BSB and Account details is provided once order is placed.

OUT OF STOCK ITEM(s): If there are any out of stock items as advised by The Vendor, Pasar Makan can NOT be held responsible as it is out of Pasar Makan control that Vendor’s item is out of stock and so we are unable to deliver it to you. Pasar Makan will do our best to provide refund ONLY into Customer’s Terra Wallet Account at Pasar Makan account. Therefore, we encourage our Customer to join our Free Membership for that purpose.

REFUND: All sales and payments are final. Money will not be refunded. Pasar Makan may issue a credit refund in your Terra Wallet Account (your Pasar Makan account). Therefore, we encourage to become Pasar Makan Member for that purpose. Please register as a Member to be able to do this. Currently Free of Charge to become a Member of Pasar Makan. Credit can be used directly on the next purchase. 

DELIVERY: Pasar Makan offers Free Delivery Service for a certain amount. A flat rate fee is payable when your purchase is less than minimum order. Customers can mix order with any Restaurants available at Pasarmakan.com 

Further IMPORTANT Information:

Pasar Makan is trading as the third party that connect between Food Vendor (Restaurant) and Consumer. Pasar Makan ONLY deliver the food to you as per assigned. Pasar Makan is NOT a restaurant and Pasar Makan does NOT make the food, therefore if there are any queries in regards to the food, we advise you to speak directly to the Restaurant. Please be advised, to maintain the quality and avoid confusion to the Vendor, Customer’s order is only being sent to the Vendor one day before delivery, after the payment is received by Pasar Makan Bank. Orders will be made on the day of delivery.

Pasar Makan will only partnered with quality and licensed restaurants. Pasar Makan is not liable for the quality and food preparation. Restaurant must adheres to Food Safety Standard or Food Standard Code in accordance to NSW Food Authority/Food Standard Australia New Zealand. Pasar Makan will not be held responsible if Vendors are not adhere to it. Vendors are held responsible for their own food quality and qualification.


Our Delivery Time is between 12.30 - 5.30 pm depending on the Restaurants, Customer's Location and Traffic on the day.

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