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YES, you can mix or combine any restaurants you like on Pasarmakan.com

Minimum order start from $30 per restaurant.

We are sorry, currently our drivers are unable to deliver on a specific time, as we are delivering near and long distance per scheduled delivery received on the day. 

You can check if we deliver to your address by entering your postcode on Pasar Makan Delivery Area If your area is not listed, please contact us.

Free Delivery on purchase of $70 and above (for 1 shop); or start from $30 per shop if you choose to buy from more than 1 shops (combined purchase).

Below $70 will attract one flat rate fee of $7.50

Go to www.pasarmakan.com

1. Click either “Go to Restaurants” or “Find Available Days” (if you like to go by our delivery days).

2. Choose the Restaurant you like.

2. Choose the items you want to buy by giving a Tick on the square (BUY button) next to the menu, and write how many you like to order on that particular item.

3. Scroll down a little to find “Add to Cart” button and click it. Continue until you have ordered all the menu you like on that particular restaurant.

4. When you are ready to check out, Click on the Shopping Bag/Basket icon to “View Cart “.

(If you like to order from different shop, you can click “Continue Shopping” otherwise View Cart then Proceed To Check Out.

5. Fill in the details, enter your postcode and select Delivery Date, choose  your payment and PLACE ORDER.



Please wait until you receive Your Order Number. It is automatically generated for you to keep as your reference/confirmation of your order

If you receive your order number, it means we have received your order. 

Everytime you place an order, You will received ORDER NUMBER on your screen. This is your reference confirming your order has been received and confirmed.

If you pay with Credit Card (our preferred payment); your order is processed automatically. 

Please note, occasionally you won’t receive an email confirmation, therefore please ensure you receive the Order Number every time you order with us.

Click Login/Register at the Home Page or click here Join Pasar Makan 

Free to subscribe and gain more benefits such as easy ordering, terra wallet, perks, easy refund process, etc. 

Minimum order is $40 per Shop.

Get Free Delivery on purchase of $70 and above per Shop; or $80 for combine/mix Shops.

Below $70 will attract a flat rate fee of $7.50

#1 – Please check and make sure you enter the correct email address on the check out. If it is not correct, please contact us.

#2 – Please check your Spam/Junk Email Folder

Pasar Makan support hours: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm. Any inquiries outside this hours may be answered on the following day.

You can contact us via “CHAT WITH US” green button on the bottom of the page, or email to pasarmakan.au@gmail.com

Please be advised currently we are inundated with inquiries, we try our best to get back to you in due time.

All Orders are final and need to be paid for once you placed your order. No cancellation accepted. It is a courtesy of Pasar Makan in case by case to cancel order and provide refund. All refund will be issued into your Tera Wallet Pasar Makan account within 5 business days.

Please ensure you have a Free account (Subscribe) with us 

– We don’t usually cancel order – It is customer’s responsibility to let us know if there any changes or double up of orders that need to be cancelled. Cancellation may attracts fee.

In the case you need to change your order, YOU MUST ADVISE US IMMEDIATELY by contacting our customer service on WhatsApp link provided 0492 972 689 (Whatsapp text messages only, no calls available)

All changes MUST BE RECEIVED before 3 pm one day before the delivery day.

At Pasar Makan, Customer can order ANYTIME and can select their preferred delivery date at the Checkout.

We encourage Customers to order earlier so we can ensure smooth transactions.

You will received your order on your selected (preferred) Delivery time (as scheduled).

Our estimated time arrival (ETA) is between 2 – 6 pm depending on the Restaurants, your location and traffic on that day. You will receive a text or a call upon arrival. We try our best to bring your order as soon as we can. 

In case you have an issue with the food you purchased, please contact the Restaurant directly. 

You can check their number here homepage 

In case you have an urgent issue with the delivery, you can contact us on 0492 972 689 (Whatsapp text messages only, no calls available)

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Our Delivery Time is between 1.30 - 6 pm depending on the Restaurants, location and traffic on the day.


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