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Delivery available on Sunday only

Image Product Price Variations Quantity Buy
Batagor ( Stuffed tofu) $2/each by MIRASA $2.00 N/A
Pangsit Goreng (Fried Wonton) $2/each by MIRASA $2.00 N/A
Sayap Isi (Stuffed Chicken Wing) $3/each by MIRASA $3.00 N/A
Nasi Tim Ayam Jamur (Chicken Mushroom Rice) by MIRASA $10.00 N/A
Nasi Hainan (Hainan Style Chicken Rice) - by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) by Mirasa $12.00 N/A
Nasi Goreng Mirasa ( Mirasa Fried Rice ) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin Petai (Fried rice with fish and bitter bean) by MIRASA $14.00 N/A
Nasi Cap Cay ( Rice in Gravy) by MIRASA $14.00 N/A
Soup Campur ( Mixed Soup) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Soup Pangsit (Wonton Soup) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Soup Bakso ( Beef Balls Soup) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Mie Ayam Jamur ( Chicken Egg Noodle ) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Mie Pangsit ( Wontons Egg Noodle ) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Mie Bakso/Bakso Ikan ( Egg Noodles with beef or Fish Balls) by MIRASA $12.00
Hokkien Mie Goreng ( Fried Hokkien Noodles ) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Ifu Mie ( Crispy Egg Noodles in Gravy ) by MIRASA $14.00 N/A
Kwetiau Goreng ( Fried Flat Rice Noodles) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
Kwetiau Siram (Fried Flat Rice Noodles in Gravy) by MIRASA $12.00 N/A
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Pasar Makan News

Please read this news for any changes and Coupon Vouchers happening during the week at Pasar Makan

~Change of Delivery Day this Week ONLY~

Pasar Makan delivery this week will be on Friday - 30 October 2020, NO SUNDAY  DELIVERY . Please pre-order before 5 pm on THURSDAY , 29 October 2020.  Sunday delivery will be back the week after, on Sunday 08 November 2020.


Pasar Makan offers 5% discount for Shalom Restaurant order (minimum order still applied). Use code "SHALOM5" at the checkout. 

Be quick, Promotion will end at 5.00 pm on Thursday, 29 October 2020. 

~New Restaurant at Pasar Makan~

Pasar Makan is welcoming A'la Indo Restaurant from Mascot. 

Get a free delivery for minimum order of $50 per Restaurant or $75 for TWO Restaurants (including Grocery)


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